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From an early age it was clear that Ana Segura’s assertiveness, unbridled expressiveness and passionate approach to life would quickly carve for her a space in history as one of the most passionate, creative and dedicated designers of our generation.

Born in Puerto Rico to Dominican parents, Ana’s embracing of her talent can be attributed to being part of a family encompassing three generations of seamstresses. As she continued to hone her craft and mature as an artist, her evolving ambitions lead her to the well-known High School of Fashion Industries in New York and then to Lynn University in Boca Raton, Florida where she graduated with a Bachelors of Science in Fashion Design.

Segura’s distinctive signature collections brings forth a uniquely creative vision to the fashion industry that pays reverence to rebellious times in fashion history. Segura’s couture brand represents the femininity and sophistication of the Baroque, Rococo and Victorian eras while rejecting the rigidity and conservatism of those times. The result is a tangible sultriness and a distinctively feminine style aimed at a sophisticated, uninhibited and provocative clientele.

Continuing on her path of redefining who she is as a designer, she wanted to take from the last collection and continue elaborating on silhouettes that are a staple on every women’s closet with our Ready to Wear collection. This collection have pieces that are elegant, easy on the eye that can be worn on your travels and effortlessly translate from the boardroom to the cocktail hour.

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